Donor Disclosure

Donor Disclosure

As part of the AUMA pledge on campaign transparency, campaigns donors are to be made public prior to the election. With the first advance poll opening tomorrow in Spruce Grove, I am releasing my list of donors to date and will keep updated as new donations come in. It is a short list, but I appreciate every single one who has donated anything to my campaign.

And it’s still not too late to get your name on this exclusive list! I am still accepting donations and would be thankful for your thoughtful contribution to my campaign.



  • Kelly Woolsey
  • Kylie Hennigan
  • Dean Gaskarth


  • Tim Murphy
  • Ginny Marshall
  • Larry Schowalter
  • Barry Gibson


  • Gail Campbell
  • Hugh Stevenson
  • Lorne Corbett


$500 or more

  • June Stevenson