A councillor must have vision, understand the foundations of good government (policy and bylaws), bring new ideas to the council table, and not be afraid to work with the rest of council to see great ideas through to fruition. In this section, I outline my platform which consists of foundations and ideas.

Because healthy foundations matter

Governance, not operations.

Understanding the role of council is a crucial piece to understanding local government in order to move good ideas forward. It is really important that council understand they are governors, and not the day-to-day operators in the city. We have one employee- the CAO, and he actions operations based on the policy and bylaws council enacts.

Community well-being as a foundation is key to making good policy and enacting strong bylaws. Within that community framework, five dimensions of well-being exist- cultural, economic, environment, social and political. In order to have a healthy and prosperous city, a good councillor will keep all five dimensions working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for their city.

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Because Good Ideas Matter

Ideas, not promises. Governance, not operations. Understanding the role of council is a crucial piece to understanding local government in order to move good ideas forward.

I won’t make promises I can’t keep.  After all, I’m one of 7 votes on council. I will move ideas forward. I will stand up for what residents tell me they want in a vibrant city such as Spruce Grove. I will make decisions based on what’s best for the collective, not for any individual.

I’m a conduit to making our city a better and brighter one, to build upon the successes we’ve earned and to find new opportunities to create new ones.

To do this, I must collaborate with my fellow councillors and with administration. I have to persuade and put solid arguments (just the facts) together in order to advance my vision of the city through solid ideas. And the same goes for every member of council. I must be willing to listen to the ideas they wish to see on behalf of the community. Some ideas will be new to me and I’ll embrace them, others I may reject. But to be a good councillor is to realize that while elected as an individual, the best functioning councils find ways to work with each other, and not against. It might sound obvious to say a councillor has to be a good team player, but it is absolutely true.

A councillor must have vision, ideas and not be afraid to work with the rest of council to implement. In this section, I outline my platform. It is similar to my 2017 platform but includes a new section.

Here you can read about my ideas that I will pursue over the next four years. I list my top 3 here (due to space) but I have linked each section to a longer article that goes into greater detail.

Advocate Diversity and Inclusivity

Boost Opportunity and Creativity

Cultivate Sustainability and Liveability

Deliver Transparency and Accountability

Enhance Safety and Security

Foster Prosperity and Possibility

How to read the charts:

  • Column 1- Top 3 ideas I’ll champion for 2021-2025
  • Column 2- Top 3 ideas currently in progress (and I support)
  • Column 3- Top 3 Completed Initiatives that I am super proud of
  • A * indicates it was a 2017 platform idea

Please remember, it is 99% likely that you will not agree with all of my ideas. That’s okay. It’s also likely you’ve disagreed with the way I’ve voted on issues during my first term. That’s okay too. We aren’t always going to agree and align on absolutely everything.

If you CAN agree that I have always put thought, time and reflection into my decisions, and that I’ve done so ethically, with my values uncompromised and have voted with what I have felt to be best for our city, then I urge you to support me for my second term.

Stand for something or you fall for anything”.

I disagree with you but I respect how you came to that decision.

Disclaimer: This is a not an exhaustive list as many ideas come about throughout the term.

Because belonging matters

Advocate Diversity and Inclusivity




To publicly recommend or support. “they advocated an ethical policy”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
Implement the Truth And Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) calls-to-action that call upon municipalities to participate in reconciliation.Continue to support and celebrate our LGTBQ2S+ community and bring new awareness initiatives to the city. *The Conversion Therapy Ban bylaw was passed in 2020.
Begin public engagement sessions regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) in Spruce Grove.Evaluate and continue to support the “Pathways Home- a 5 year strategy to end homelessness in Spruce Grove” strategies and timelinesAn all-female crew of firefighters works in Spruce Grove after a successful all-female candidate recruitment drive.
Support the creation of a youth council, or find ways to engage with our youth in the city.Continue to support the “New Beginnings Indigenous Strategy” within the city.Successfully made our official titles more inclusive and gender neutral, changing them at our first council meeting, from Alderman to Councillor. *

Because wellness matters

Boost Opportunity and Creativity




To help or encourage (something) to increase or improve. “a range of measures to boost interest”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
Bring more artistic events and small festivals to the city (Chalkfest and Artfest). If we want to be a destination for culture, we have to create opportunities to grow it and share it.The civic centre is in the design stage which includes 2 ice surfaces, a black box theatre, an art gallery, a second library location, meeting space and more. *The first two murals are complete! It shows we can make art accessible and draw visitors to our city. They’re bright, they’re stunning and they add colour to our landscape. *
More outdoor events throughout the year but take advantage of our long summer nights with music in the park, a concert series, theatre in the park and an opportunity to socialize and get to know your neighbours.The CCBA has worked hard to bring public markets to our city centres. These popular events have become a staple and attendance has grown steadily each year. *The city purchased acres of land in Weswind as it was important to have a place to build the civic centre. It will also spur economic development in the rest of the area.
Family oriented events that bring opportunity to create amazing memories- think ‘tenting in the park’ ‘pedal or drive in movies’ and pet parades.
The city has an incredible art collection that continues to grow each year (thanks to an annual donation by the city’s law firm). It is a wonderful way to support local artists. *The RCMP musical ride was a hit and attended by many. It was great for the city to partner with the region to bring this event to the area.

Because environment matters

Cultivate Sustainability and Liveability




To try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill).”he cultivates an air of understanding”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
Review of bylaws that make our city an enjoyable and liveable place to live– noise bylaw, dog and domestic animal control bylaw and parks and open spaces bylaw (regarding open liquor in parks) should be reviewed in this next term.
We have a very popular community garden and more garden location should be considered and gardens built. Orchards, edible fruit trees should also be a consideration (it’s free food). *The single use plastic ban bylaw was passed by council in 2021. This is one of many steps needed to help combat our waste issue.
Development should not be centred around the car. We have to think multi-modal and how residents get around and we have to make it safe for them to do so. A review of how we move in this city now and in the future should be considered.Continue to support local transit and our membership in the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Transit Commission.The Spruce Grove-Stony Trail. In 2021, both councils agreed it was time to finally make the last connection between the two municipalities, making a seamless trail between each other.
Find creative ways to get youth to ride transit. Can we offer them reduced fares? Free fares? Youth need access to transit.Continue to support and evaluate the city’s Climate Resilience Express Action Plan.The Open Space Area bylaw was updated to reflect ways we use our parks and open spaces.

Because truth matters

Deliver Transparency and Accountability




To provide (something promised or expected). “he had been able to deliver votes in huge numbers”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
Create a resident-friendly process when dealing with the city. The current system in place isn’t working and residents turn to council frustrated. Let’s explore ways to streamline and simplify this process.Support and continue to monitor progress on our red tape reduction strategies in planning and development- both for residential and developer processes.Council expenses are now posted online and updated each quarter. It’s important for transparency that residents understand how council spends their budgets. *
The Spruce Grove archives sit in a trailer at the Ag Society grounds maintained by volunteers. It’s not ideal.We need to properly house our archives before we lose our documented history.As we move back to in-person meetings, continue to make council meetings available online. Livestreaming meetings is an accessibility move that improves access to council. *Council introduced reserves into the budgeting process, making it more transparent to residents the savings that are accumulating to pay for aging infrastructure and future builds.
Explore the creation of a mayor lobbyist registry. It’s important for residents to know who is meeting with the mayor and what issues they may be trying to influence.Improvements to how we communicate with residents has improved include better near-time or real-time communications. But there’s always more to be done. *Council now has recorded votes instead of just ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. Unless it’s unanimous, Council members votes are recorded in favour or against, making them accountable to how they vote on issues to residents. *

Because reliability matters

Enhance Safety and Security




To intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. “this endorsement does a lot to enhance her reputation”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
One major complaint we receive is excessive speed in neighbourhoods. Review neighbourhood safety concerns and whether a reduction in speed to 40km/hr is warranted. The ATE program (photo radar) has been overhauled and includes a new contractor, much stricter guidelines, more transparent data (available online) and justification for ATE spots. This will be an ongoing review. *We have fully staffed our Fire Department with the expected number of firefighters for a city our size. The last four positions were approved in this year’s budget. *
Introduce a “Council Workplace Safety” policy. Council, staff and contractors for the city deserve to work in a workplace that is safe, free from harassment and harm.Continue to monitor and evaluate the progress and success of the city’s ‘Covid Recovery Strategy’.The temporary mask bylaw was a difficult but necessary bylaw to pass during a time where our only concern was keeping our residents safe and healthy. The mask bylaw has since been repealed due to redundancy.
Introduce Street Labs Spruce Grove. This can include reviewing the city’s crosswalk policy. Cars are getting bigger, roads narrower and kids quicker with new modes of transportation makes this an easy review. Support the work of the new Community Road Safety Committee. They’re already doing excellent work and providing invaluable input to the city. The installation of the Prescott sidewalk brought a lot of relief to area residents whose children crossed a very busy road to school.

Because growth matters

Foster Prosperity and Possibility




To encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something regarded as good). “the councillor’s task is to foster engagement”

2021 PlatformIn ProgressCompleted
Push for SMART city. We want to be a part of the digital transition and offer unparalleled opportunity to those that work, live and learn here. SMART city can bring efficiencies to city processes. The possibilities are endless. *Broadband is currently being rolled out in the industrial lands and in our city centre. We continue to push and connect with potential partners to roll out broadband to every part of the city. The Pioneer Road opening has created opportunity to build a new (private) baseball stadium, the phased build out of two neighbourhoods (Easton and Fenwyck) and additional access to Hwy 16a for residents.
Develop a “South of the Tracks” strategy to encourage residents to wander south of the tracks and check out what the industrial lands and businesses set up there have to offer us.The city centre redevelopment plan is a go! Already Columbus Park is under renovation and underground work has started. Two decades in the making and we’re finally seeing the heart of our city getting a much needed renovation. *The industrial land strategy will help guide Spruce Grove in its strategy to build out the industrial lands south of the highway. Growing the non-residential tax base in an essential strategy to smart growth and new possibilities.
Engage with residents to get feedback on the Development fees and fines that affect them. Developer have had their input, now it’s time to hear from those who live here.Continue to maintain affordable tax increases. They have to be manageable, reasonable and justified. Tax increases are usually necessary to provides the services of a mid-sized city and to the level our residents have come to expect. *In 2020, the city deferred utility and tax penalties for residents and businesses. It was a move made to keep residents and businesses struggling financially afloat during a very difficult and trying time.