This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you an opportunity to hear, view or read what I’ve been up to over the last term. I’ve been very thankful to be included on panel discussions as well as sharing my point of view in many quoted articles and tv stories. The Grove Examiner paper captures a lot of the weekly details you may or may not have missed from our council meetings.



Podcast- Women of ABpoli- Episode 1- I’m coming out

  • Councillors Belinda Crowson (Lethbridge) and Erin Stevenson (Spruce Grove) join Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean and Kathleen Smith to talk about their experiences in municipal government and have some tips for candidates and the rest of us.

Rage Against the Municipal Community Chats: All Change

  • Mayors and councillors in many municipalities have announced they’re not seeking re-election. And then you have Mayor Naheed Nenshi in Calgary, who’s left everyone guessing. What does it mean for this fall’s elections? Join Rage Against the Municipal co-editor Tim Querengesser in conversation with former Calgary journalist Annalise Klingbeil, former Edmonton mayor’s office staffer Ryan Kelly, and Coun. Erin Stevenson from Spruce Grove.


Spruce Grove City Councillor, and Athabasca University’s Manager of Marketing, Erin Stevenson, discusses her love for the CFL and why it has been such a great partnership with AU. Watch her story and how she balances her priorities. Erin Stevenson, Councillor, Marketer and the love of the Game- Beyond the Game

(Global News) Spruce Grove Councillor Erin Stevenson put forward a notice of motion Monday night, asking that administration research the possibility of banning conversion therapy in the city west of Edmonton.Global News- Spruce Grove to debate possible Conversion Therapy Ban

(CTV) Spruce Grove city council passes motion to explore ban on conversion therapy

(CTV) Spruce Grove to ban conversion therapy “I’m glad that Spruce Grove sent the right message to people tonight… We just want them to be themselves and not worry about someone changing them for all the wrong reasons.”