Door Knocking and Literature Drop Schedule

There is a lot of interest this time round on when and where I’ll be for the door knocking and literature drop of my campaign. I have a schedule that I am sharing with you so you have a good idea of when I plan to be there. Plan is the key word here. The dates are subject to change due to weather or scheduled council commitments that may arise. I will do my very best to be in the neighbourhood the week I have it scheduled, but it may be a day or two off. I’ll update as I know my dates.

Map of Spruce Grove

And of course I’ll update you each Sunday on where I’ll be with my team!

The last week is hitting up all the large neighbourhoods a second time as it’s near impossible to get some of our larger neighbourhoods done in one go. In total, Spruce Grove has 30 neighbourhoods and 14,989 doors to knock on (not including our apartments, farms, businesses and seniors facilities). I can’t promise I’ll hit every door, but gosh darn it I’m going to try!

Week 1

Tuesday, Aug 24th– McLaughlin

Wednesday, Aug 25th– Legacy Park and McLaughlin

Thursday, Aug 26th– Spruce Ridge

Friday, Aug 27th– Grove Senior’s Village

Saturday, Aug 28th– Spruce Ridge

Week 2

Sunday, Aug 29th- Westgrove

Thursday, Sept 2nd– Mobile City Estates

Friday, Sept 3rd– City Centre

Saturday, Sept 4th– Broxton Park

Week 3

Sunday, Sept 5th– Lakewood

Monday, Sept 6th– Aspenglen

Tuesday, Sept 7th–  Fenwyck, Annexed Lands and Lakewood

Saturday, Sept 11th– Greenbury

Week 4

Sunday, Sept 12th– Woodhaven

Tuesday, Sept 14th– Heritage Creek

Wednesday, Sept 15th– Stoneshire

Thursday, Sept 16th – Hilldowns

Saturday, Sept 18th– Brookwood

Week 5

Sunday, Sept 19th – Millgrove

Tuesday, Sept 21st – Fieldstone

Thursday, Sept 23rd– Linkside

Saturday, Sept 25th– Prescott

Week 6

Sunday, Sept 26th– Spruce Village

Tuesday, Sept 28thGreater Parkland Chamber of Commerce Online Political Forum

Wednesday, Sept 29th – Tonewood

Thursday, Sept 30th – Copperhaven

Saturday, Oct 2nd– Grove Meadows

Week 7

Sunday, Oct 3rd– Harvest Ridge

Tuesday, Oct 5th– Kenton

Thursday, Oct 7th – Heatherglen

Saturday, Oct 9th– Deer Park

Week 8

Sunday- Millgrove and Westgrove

Monday- Broxton Park and Aspenglen

Tuesday- Greenbury and Woodhaven

Wednesday- Hilldowns and Harvest Ridge

Thursday- Linkside and Spruce Village

Friday- Stoneshire and Heatherglen

Saturday- Deer Park and Aspenglen

Sunday- remaining areas