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Donor Disclosure

As part of the AUMA pledge on campaign transparency, campaigns donors are to be made public prior to the election. With the first advance poll opening tomorrow in Spruce Grove, I am releasing my list of donors to date and will keep updated as new donations come in. It is a short list, but I […]

Voting in Spruce Grove- where and when

Did you know we have several days of advance voting in case you can not vote on October 18th? Did you also know that you can request a mail-in ballot? I’ve got the details for you! First, always check the Information for Voters page on the Spruce Grove website. They will have the most up-to-date […]

Door Knocking and Literature Drop Schedule

There is a lot of interest this time round on when and where I’ll be for the door knocking and literature drop of my campaign. I have a schedule that I am sharing with you so you have a good idea of when I plan to be there. Plan is the key word here. The […]

Good Ideas Matter: Foster Possibility and prosperity

It’s the art of what’s possible. Think about what we can do, rather than what we can’t. Think of who we, as a City, want to be 25 and 50 years from now. And now let’s backcast so we know what we have to do today to get there. Success isn’t built overnight. A city […]

Good Ideas Matter: Enhance Safety and security

It’s been a wild council term when it comes to the safety and security of the city. Most times, you’d think of fire, police, enforcement and ambulance. You’d think of crime rates and whether you felt safe walking down your street. Well, Covid-19 added a whole layer of consideration to this mix. Covid-19 required Council, […]

Good Ideas Matter: Deliver Transparency and Accountability

We’re not a little city anymore. Our budget is nearly $100 million, and ratepayers deserve to know how their money is being managed. But transparency and accountability is more than just knowing where the money is. It’s about understanding the budget and corporate planning process, what the city is saving in reserves for future upgrades, […]

Good Ideas Matter: Cultivate Sustainability and Liveability

Over 15 days of 30+ degree heat here in Spruce Grove (so far) this year, a record. The air has often been filled with smoke from massive wildfires. Everyday, it seems we’re hearing of another disaster that can be attributed to climate change. It’s action time. The city believes in climate action and there’s plenty […]

Good ideas Matter: Boost Opportunity and Creativity

With two murals complete, there’s already an ask for us to do more. I get it! They’re stunning, and it’s been an initiative that council has discussed for years. It was great to partner with the Allied Arts Council on this project. Now we’re all driving around analyzing the sides of buildings on their mural […]

Good Ideas Matter: Advocate Diversity and inclusivity

I want Spruce Grove to be a welcoming and inviting place for everyone who visits, lives or works here. We have to work hard to be that place. While I see so many acts of kindness and see the good in so many people in our city, I am not naïve to understand that not […]

Healthy Foundations Matter: Economic Well-Being

A healthy local economy is important to Spruce Grove. It is multi-layered and complex and often overlaps with many of the other areas of well-being simply because there is a cost (whether monetary or social) to each project. There are many aspects to a healthy economy and so many I support. As a resident and […]