Erin Stevenson
Because who I am matters
Because relationships matter
Because giving matters
Because experience matters
Because ideas matter
Because knowledge matter
Because life-long learning matters

Because career matters
Because participation matters

Because who I am matters

I am seeking my second term on council, having successfully run and elected in 2017. I am a daughter, aunt, sister, friend, dog momma, co-worker, council representative and community member.

I am a life-long learner, a seeker of knowledge. I want to leave this place better than I found it. I choose to be the optimist and ask “what can we do to make this happen?” I question everything. I learn new things about this position all the time. I believe in science. I believe we are stronger together rather than as the individual.

I am always busy. I also love naps. Naps are wasted on the young.

Because relationships matter

My family comes first. I am the oldest of four and my parents and two brothers still call Spruce Grove home. My nephew has grown up here. Some of my best friends live here and we love this city through and through. I’ve met so many of you over the last four years and it means the world to me that I make you proud. Our small business owners make this city tick. Our city administration is the best in the business and they work hard to implement the vision and strategy of this city. It is about respect. It is about giving time. It is about caring.

In 2020, the CFL did a short 3 minute video that featured myself, in my dual role of full-time marketer at Athabasca University and part-time Councillor for our city.

Because giving matters

Being a part of a community means being all in. There is no better way than being all in and volunteering your time or donating to help groups whose needs may go unmet otherwise.

In 2019, Councillor Dave Oldham and I ran in the Spruce Grove Amazing Race and surprisingly, we won! Immediately, we made the decision to donate our cash prize to four charities:

  1. Cohesive Communities
  2. CEYS (Communities Empowering Youth for Sucess)
  3. Light up Your Life
  4. MADD Canada

I am also part of the local group, 100 Women Who Care Tri-Region and have been since its inception. Four times a year, we gather and donate upwards of $10,000 ($100/person who is a member) to the chosen charity of choice. Some of the recipients include:

  • Community Aim
  • Pay Forward Kindness
  • B.I.L.Y Because I Love You
  • Parkland Neighbourlink
  • KidSport Parkland
  • MOMS Canada

I also donate to:

  • Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Diabetes Canada
  • United Way
  • World Vision (15 years)

And during my time with council, we have volunteered at many events, helping out local organizations with pancake breakfasts, hot dog lunches and more.

Because experience matters

During my time on council, I’ve gained wonderful committee experience sitting on the following committees:

  • Chair, Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • City Centre Business Association (CCBA) Council Rep
  • Community Road Safety Advisory Committee, alternate
  • Edmonton Metro Region Board (EMRB), alternate for Mayor
  • Metropolitan Service Regional Plan (MSRP) committee member,
  • Edmonton Region Waste Advisory Committee (former member)
  • Horizon Stage committee (now dissolved)

Because ideas matter

Being on council is more than just reading the council package on the weekend and showing up to vote on Monday. A successfully council member will bring ideas forward and initiate motions to see their ideas come to fruition.

I supported many ideas that came forward, but these areas in particular were ideas I put forward as part of my 2017 platform and/or initiated at council:

  • Community garden
  • Prescott crosswalk
  • Conversion therapy ban bylaw
  • Title change from Alderman to Councillor
  • Recorded votes in council minutes
  • Council expenses posted online
  • Thorough review of Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) aka photo radar
  • A multi-purpose centre rather than just a sport centre

See media for more information

See my platform and accomplishments to see my 2021 platform, what initiatives are already in the works, and which ones have been completed.

Because knowledge matters

Being a Councillor is a job. It takes work and knowledge. As a first-term councillor, there is a lot to take in. Besides the necessary sessions at the beginning of the term where we learn the basics- from budgets, to legal, to how meetings are run, to the make-up of city administration, I have taken opportunities to learn as much as I can so that I can be the best Councillor for you.

My professional development has included:

  • Four NACLAA Level 1 courses through the U of A. These Local Authority courses include:
    • (1) Local Government
    • (2) Municipal Law I
    • (3) Sustainable Communities
    • (4) Property Taxation and Assessment

      *As a small side note, I received a scholarship in 2021 for having the highest GPA in the program.

  • I have attended both the AUMA and FCM conferences, both in-person and virtually.
  • I also attended the SMART City conference in Washington, DC to improve my knowledge of what it takes to be a SMART City.

Because life-long learning matters

I am very proud of the education I have attained over the last 27 or so years. Working at a university has also allowed me to see the direct benefit of higher education.

  • I have a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (MA-IS) from Athabasca University (AU). My two focus areas are: Work, Leadership and Organization & Writing and New Media
  • I have a professional Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies (BPA) from Athabasca University
  • I have a General Studies diploma from MacEwan University
  • I have a Radio and Television Arts diploma from NAIT

In addition, I have taken post degree work at the following universities:

  • Data Analytics certificate of completion from UBC
  • Women in Leadership certificate from Cornell
  • Disruptive Strategy certificate from Harvard
  • Science of Well-Being certificate from Yale

In high school, I was the class valedictorian for SGCHS, class of ’94.

Because career matters

I have been a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a public servant and an elected representative. I’ve worked for large governments and lobbied them, too.

Being a council representative is a part-time position (ha ha ha) and I hold a full-time position as well. My current role sees me as the Marketing Manager for Athabasca University. I’ve held this job since November 2013. Marketing is a passion as is the skill of communications and I get to use all of these skills in both my positions every single day.

Who knows where my career will take me, but for now the joy is in holding both positions. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Because participation matters

At Athabasca University, I volunteer or have sat on:

  • Equity Committee (AUFA)
  • Engagement Committee
  • Appeals Committee
  • Student Success Committee

I’ve also volunteered for the Tour of Alberta bike race and volunteered both times! I do wish it would come back!

I also participate in various initiatives that support great causes in our community and region. Sometimes it means attending a gala evening or a golf game, walking 5km (Darkness into Light) or taking pictures (Terry Fox Run).

Small note: I do not hold any party membership at any level of government, nor have I ever.